High School Yearbook

I sat in on a workshop/seminar lead by Richard Coleman (The Mission Society) titled “How to Grow a Missions Minded Church.”  The topic was well addressed. Richard was engaging and smart and motivational. It was a good investment of an hour or so.

Richard made a few statements in the midst of things that have required further thought. Really good stuff. Consider this: We look at the Bible like we look at our high school yearbook. Think about it…when you first got your hand on your yearbook, what did you do?  Well, maybe I’m more egocentric than you are (I expect I am…I mean, I am blogging and actually think people read it). I started flipping from front to back or back to front looking for all the pictures of ME.  And then my friends. And then other things. Mostly…me.

Do we do that with God’s Word — flip through the pages looking for the places where we can see ourselves?  Or do we look for God in His book?  It is GOD’S WORD, not RUTH’S WORD.

And like my yearbook, when I find a photo of myself that I don’t like — the lighting isn’t complimentary or I was “caught” making a face or doing something stupid, I blame it on someone else or start trying to figure out how to remove/mark out the photo. Or, more likely than that even, I twist the reality and turn it into a joke like I intended to look that way.

Hmmm.  I’m still thinking about it.

3 thoughts on “High School Yearbook

  1. Aileen - Step In says:

    oh my goodness, Ruth. your blog gives a perfect analogy. This is something I’ve been thinking about since Saturday when the seminar leader at my seminar talked about the Bible not being about ME.
    …and then I realized how so often I do look at the Word in a self-centered way. What does it say about me? How does this answer my problem? How does it address my situation?

    Anyway, I think this is a great illustration for what the guy in my seminar was talking about!… and gives me yet something else to think about on this whole idea…

  2. Tomi Nicole says:

    i love reading your blog!!! ok…another crazy “its a small world” moment…I know your speaker!!! I went to Uganda with Richard when I was at ORU…what a great guy and he has such a heart for missions. the yearbook illustration is so true!!! anyway…couldn’t help but comment. i’m coming to tampa sometime in march or april…i will definitely make a trip to see ya…maybe some coffee or something?

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