travel challenges AND solutions

TRAVEL CHALLENGE #82: the feeling that i will FORGET something

  • forget to pack something critical that i need there and can’t get there unless i took it with me in the first place which i did not
  • forget to do something here before  i am there and can’t do it here any more until too late
  • forget to put things i need with me on the plane into my carry-on or things i can’t take with me on the plane in the checked bag and that i’ll be in a fix in security or something like that
  • forget my passport and thereby miss my flight
SOLUTION TO TRAVEL CHALLENGE #82: lists, lots and lots of lists 

TRAVEL CHALLENGE #147: multiple event types and limited luggage
  • a celebration banquet hosted by the city mayor on an island with VIP’s from multiple countries and cultures
  • business meetings in a hotel in the Netherlands with more CEO’s than any other species 
  • a day serving the practical needs of a community
  • an elephant ride (or monkey encounter or river raft excursion)
  • a conference in a WELL air conditioned hotel in a HOT climate
  • pedicures (I’ll be in Asia for 4 weeks and I’m sure there will be a pedicure or two in my near future)
  • international flights with minimal (thank you!) airport time
  • hanging out with friends
SOLUTION TO TRAVEL CHALLENGE #147: clothes that dress up or down with accessories, hotel laundry service, and that flashy pen from MIB so at least “I” can forget I’ve worn this outfit 6 times already on this trip

TRAVEL CHALLENGE #231: weeds — in Florida in April my garden will have opportunity to grow a LOT of weeks
SOLUTION TO TRAVEL CHALLENGE #231: plant flowers — 5 weeks ago I put SEEDS into the ground and this is the perfect time to NOT be PULLING WEEDS because I don’t want to disturb the new plants until they have a chance to establish themselves

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