The View from the Top

Bob Creson (noted in a recent post as the President of Wycliffe USA) sometimes suggests that the air can get rather thin all the way up in the Offices of the President where we work. 

I suppose it’s easy to think that leaders, in general, get caught up in being visionary and forget about the “real world.” And I admit that there is a danger of that. One of the things I am learning from my colleagues is the importance of both having a lofty vision and of keeping myself grounded in reality. 
This afternoon the budget committee met to set the 2009 budget guidelines and to make decisions about new initiatives. It is exhausting, in some ways, to simultaneously consider the organization as a whole — present and future — while sorting specifics. Balancing questions of impact and risk, priority and purpose. 
The best ways I know of to maintain all of this balance is to hold tightly to the reality that God is God and we are very much NOT — while also knowing that He chooses to reveal His mind and heart to us through is Word & His Spirit who lives in us. 
After that, it’s very helpful to have people in our lives who not only help us to remember that first thing I mentioned (about who is God and who is not) because they know it themselves — but also people who keep us honest in the little stuff. 

How does that work in my life? 
Straight talk, sometimes. 
Gracious talk at other times. 
And laughter. 

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