The Patio

A few times each year, either my dad or I get motivated to CLEAN our patio. Yesterday, when dad announced that he thought he’d do some cleaning out there it seemed like a good idea to join him. That means, of course, that the project escalated into one that involved removing almost everything on the patio – hauling furniture out to the yard and hauling plants and other “stuff” in to the kitchen. It also means that we got out the pressure washer. 

And, as if often true, this motivated me to put a few new plants into pots as well as to try a new arrangement for the furniture. 
So, that’s part of what got accomplished at my house on Saturday. Something I’m enjoying today.
The patio is one of the places where I can relax. 
It is also a favorite place to think. 
And catch up with friends. I often go out there when I’m chatting on the phone. Those of you who have heard the wind chimes in the background know it’s true. 
Some people think it’s odd that I have Christmas lights on my patio. I just tell them that they are not Christmas lights, they are PATIO lights. Those things weathered all three hurricanes in 2004. I only had to replace a few bulbs. 

Earlier that summer — it was one of the years when the Communications department had a boat load of interns around — a bunch of people were sticking their heads into a huge bucket of ice water on my patio. That was interesting.

2 thoughts on “The Patio

  1. Aileen - Step In says:

    hehehe… i saw your status update on FB and wondered how the patio looked. So, glad you made a post!! 🙂

    I like the new set up with the bar stool table set thing over by the door side. love your patio!!!

    been homesick for orlando this week. you (and the comfort of your house…:)) being one of the things i’m homesick for…

    miss you!!

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