Stuck in my Head?

I wish I could say (honestly) that I wake up every morning with a song in my heart (or even my mind), but I don’t. Morning is not my specialty. I have to get up earlier than some people who are better at morning because it takes me so long to ramp up for the day. Those of you who see me before 9 AM with any regularity may find it hard to believe that I’ve already been working at being awake and conversant by then.

Anyhow, that wasn’t really the point.
Today I woke up with a song stuck in my head. I know it’s not the song playing on the radio when my alarm went off because I woke up and got up before the alarm today. And yes, we did sing this song at Northland on Sunday — but it was one of many songs. 
“Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord…we will wait upon the Lord.” 
I am certainly aware that we are in a unique position of waiting on God right now. As one ministry supporter who is in her own personal season of waiting on the Lord told me recently, “there aren’t magazines in this waiting room.” 
“Our God, You reign forever — Our hope, our strong deliverer…”
Yes, we do need to constantly remember that God is not impacted by all the things that make some things seem more or less difficult, complicated, challenging, or amazing. Eternal. Omnipotent. Sovereign. Our God is all of these and more. We…I need to remember every day that God is God.
“You are the everlasting God…You do not faint, You won’t grow weary.”
This is especially powerful when I am often weary and do grow faint. My passion, my focus, my determination, my commitment all fade at times. If I rely on my own endruability (I made that up…but it’s my blog, so that’s okay), I will fail with great consistency.  
“You’re the defender of the weak — You comfort those in need — You lift us up on wings like eagles…”
I think sometimes when I sing this song I picture the “weak” as a “them” who are outside of my circle of friends and colleagues. Poor people. The marginalized. The widows and orphans. That is so messed up. I am weak. WE are the weak. WE are the ones, all of us, in need. 
I’m praying that this is not just a matter of having a powerfully written song stuck in my brain, but an anthem that will help me keep my perspective in balance today. 
“Strength will rise as I wait upon the Lord. I WILL WAIT UPON THE LORD.”

Nathan Turner is the artist who drew the image I used on this post. You should be able to visit his website by clicking on his name (showing as a link) in this “caption.” 

I love his work!  A few years ago while I was preparing some media illustrations for teaching would deliver at a women’s retreat, I ran across his work. I knew I wanted to share it and incorporate it into the presentation I was preparing, so I wrote and asked permission to do so. He graciously gave me permission. 

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