A Different Kind of Java Jive

I think one of the reasons that this statement spoke to me is that I have found coffe everywhere I’ve ever traveled (a limited list, mind you — certanily not making any blanket “everywhere” statements myself) — and I’ve found that it is commonly available. That is, regular people in the course of their lives consume coffee. While a Mocha Frap at Starbucks can be out of reach financially to the average person in the places where it is sold, a regular cup of joe is fairly accessible.

Just got me thinking. When I think, I often doodle (either on paper with a pen or on a computer screen using PhotoShop).

Giving credit:

I found the image of the coffee cup on a website (using Google Image Search) for Fair Trade Norfolk. It was on their DOWNLOAD page with this information:

Coffee with a conscience – linking producers and consumers the world over.
Dimensions (in pixels): 2007 x 1772
Size: 487 KB
Copyright: Co-operative College

I found the statement on a colleagues’s blog and really liked it. I do not know if it was original with them or if they heard it somewhere else. If I find out, I’ll let you all know. I like to give credit for things when I am able to do so and dont’ want to take credit for things that aren’t mine.

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