SWF-46 seeking…


(I know, that is the quintessential “Sunday School” answer. Forgive me for saying something that can sound so trite. Also, let me assure you that this is not a blog about how if and when single women find their contentment in God alone, then He will bring Mr. Right along. I know some women whose life experience fits this pattern — but I know a whole lot more whose life does not. At all. But…I digress.)
This morning I’ve been thinking about what it means to seek hard after God?  
I know that it involves studying His Word, but I don’t think it means 24/7 Kum By Yah  (if you want to watch a video of a Kum By Yah tuba solo, follow that link to YouTube — it is just what I said,  nothing fancy). 
I know it also involves our relationships with other humans — and all of us in various stages of seeking after and hiding from God and each other. 
No ending to this thinking today…just thinking.

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