Happy Birthday, Nancy!!

Today is Nancy’s birthday. 

I started to blog about it this morning and then realized that the photos I wanted to use were on my laptop at the office — so I stopped (after typing the title) and planned to upload the pics and write this at lunch time. Yeah, not a very effective plan for this day.
This may sound strange to you, but one of my favorite things about Nancy is that she asks for my help. It wasn’t long after we’d met that she started paying attending and asking questions and figuring out what I like to do and am pretty good at doing. Then…when she needed help with something that I do well or really enjoy, she’d ask. I love that. Love it both for getting to do stuff I like to do and for getting to be a real help to her. 
Nancy thinks deep thoughts and finds ways to talk about them — and helps other to think those deep thoughts with her. She takes what she reads and hears from others and mulls it around and shares it generously. 
She also prays bold prayers. Prayers that reflect the wonder and strength of our God. 
Being friends with Nancy means I laugh more, think more, pray more. 
It also means that I’m more likely to keep plodding forward when things get hard — moved ahead by her cheering. Her encouragement isn’t hollow and therefore I can find real courage from her words.
Happy Birthday, my friend!  Thank you for shining your light! 

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