Happy Birthday, Sandy

If you’ve been reading my blog this Spring, you’ve been introduced to Sandy in some pretty fun ways — not the least of which is a video she made for me of her eating a Chicago Dog “for me” when she was recently in the Windy City.

Sandy barely remembers when we first met — and I really am okay with that — in Kuala Lumpur at an International Communications gathering back in…a few years ago. We at lunch together (as you do when there is a conference and a buffet line and many tables) one day. I remember thinking that I would like to know her, but at the time she lived in ASIA and I lived in the STATES and our jobs were not ones that would cause our paths cross. You know how that stuff goes.

Last year at the Wycliffe USA Delegate Conference we met again — and this time we had a few conversations. I thought the same thing, though with a bit more “hope” as she’d recently moved to Dallas for a while and that meant our paths could cross more easily. Finally we did have lunch one time when I was over there for other meetings… Then my Spring 2008 travels and her Spring 2008 travels put us in two places at the same time with some time between things to let a friendship have a chance to start. It did.

Sandy loves to laugh. She can make me laugh (always good) and laughs at me when I think I’m funny (also good…for me, anyhow) and even laughs at me when I’m too serious about myself and really need to laugh too.

She is up for an adventure most of the time. She can even goad me into joining the fun — for an example of that, I refer you to the balut video.

She is a coffee snob (I’m okay with that). I’m sort of one of those too…

While we seem to have a lot in common in our “wiring” — similar Meyers Briggs profiles and dIsc profiles (and we both have short blond hair), we are also different in ways that have helped us to understand each other’s “stuff” pretty quickly and still have another perspective to share.

What inspires me most about Sandy? Her desire to follow hard after God — and her willingness to struggle toward that when it’s not easy. Her abiding love for Christ that shows even when she’s having a hard time hearing his voice in the clutter of life. Yes, those things. Those and the laughter…I love that too.

Happy Birthday, Sandy! I’m glad our paths finally paused in their crossing long enough for us to become friends.

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