Bob’s Lanai

Bob often speaks fondly of the time he spends on his lanai in his Facebook status. People have noticed. This week, one of the guys at Wycliffe created a “Bob’s Lanai” Group of Facebook so we can all enjoy this paradise.

Of course I couldn’t resist and have created a bit of a logo for “Bob’s Lanai” and, from that, have created Flair (available upon request — of course, if you are not aware of what Flair is and you don’t have or want to have a Facebook page, don’t ask for it).

Then there is this photo of Bob…not really on his lanai, but with a “fake” background (from a photo a friend shared with me from their vacation to some island in the Caribbean) and, of course, Bob is wearing the “Bob’s Lanai” button that looks like the Flair.

So, what is it about all of this that amuses me so much?

3 thoughts on “Bob’s Lanai

  1. Russ says:

    Seldom is there a cause as stirring and inspirational as Bob’s Lanai. May we all learn to decompress in comfortable, relaxing surroundings like Bob’s lanai.

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