Skip Rope, Not Lunch

I often carry my lunch to the office (and then eat it at the appropriate time, of course) and when I do, I almost always carry it in my lunch box. I got this FREE at Einstein’s many years ago (while living in Indianapolis, so you know it’s been at least 7 years).

Today I’m enjoying a turkey sandwich on whole wheat, carrots and celery, a really delcious apple and some lemonade. I have some mixed nuts in the box (and a Diet Coke) for later in the afternoon when I need a boost.

I don’t always eat at my desk — but sometimes it’s restful for me to do so and catch up on FaceBook and such. Today my 11 am meeting went a little late and I want to take some time to mentally prepare for my 1 pm meeting — so it was going to be a short lunch already.

Aren’t you glad you asked? (Oh, wait. You didnt’ ask. Apparently that doesn’t stop me. Did it ever, really?)

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