Summit: Wendy Kopp

Bill Hybles interviewed Wendy Kopp, Founder and CEO of TEACH FOR AMERICA. This was terribly enjoyable (she was so not intimidated by Bill and that’s always fun to watch) and challenging. As a “teacher” at heart and also by profession for some years in my life, I was thrilled to hear how a vision to fix the issues in our education system is working, bit by bit.
The solution? Take the best and brightest YOUNG LEADERS and put them into the classrooms of the most challenging schools for 2 years and cast a vision for them to BE THE SOLUTION.
Read about TEACH FOR AMERICA in a recent article published in US News.

One thought on “Summit: Wendy Kopp

  1. Ellie Campisano says:

    Hi Ruth,

    Thanks for sharing your reflections about Wendy Kopp’s presentation at the Willow Creek Leadership Summit. It was a fantastic conference overall, and we’re glad you found Wendy’s thoughts on the importance of service so valuable. We are so excited about continuing to grow our movement, and want leaders to join us. If you, or someone you know, is interested in learning more or joining our movement, please visit

    Ellie Campisano
    Recruitment Coordinator, Faith Community Relations Team

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