Summit: Craig Groeschel on IT

Craig Groeschel talked about IT. He has just published a book titled “IT” in fact.

Essentially he shared that IT is the something special of God that is only possible by the SpirIT of God Himself. And if IT is present, there is life and power and spiritual movement – and deep relationships – relationships in which people are personally and corporately moving forward in Christ, building Kingdom. He says that God gives IT and takes IT…that IT is connected to the Holy Spirit…but what is IT exactly? Craig’s answer: “I don’t know.”

But he has these theories about IT:

  • God makes IT happen
  • IT is from him, by him, and for his glory
  • We can’t create, reproduce, or manufacture IT
  • IT is rare that one person will bring IT but commonly one person can kill it
  • IT an’t be taught, but it is often taught
  • IT is not a system or a model, it is not seeker-sensitive, purpose driven, emergent, or submergent (but it can be found there, or not)
  • IT has an upside – wherever you see IT, there are transformed lives
  • IT has a down side — if you have IT, people will criticize, throw stones, and shoot at you
  • IT HAPPENS (but often IT doesn’t)
  • Bad news: You may have IT now, but you may not keep IT forever
  • Good News: if you don’t have IT, you may still find IT one day
  • God wants to give IT to you

With that context set, Groeschel shared that he has observed/experienced that there are certain qualities that are there when IT is present:

Ministries or Organizations that have IT have a laser FOCUS

If you want to reach people that no one is reaching, you’ll have to do things that no one is doing (and stop doing what everybody else is doing)

What are you doing that you need to stop doing?

Ministries or Organizations that have IT see opportunities where others see obstacles

You have everything you need for life and godliness – so if you don’t have what you think you need, God must be thinking that you don’t need it

We see opportunities when we feel the urgency for the work.

Craig asked, “What would you do if I told you that you needed to go out and raise $100,000 this week?” He assumed (correctly, I think) that most in the rooms would be overwhelmed with the task and would claim that we could not do it. Then he asked us to imagine that someone we love dearly and deeply had a fatal disease, but if we could raise that amount of money in one week, we could purchase a “magic pill” that would restore that person to full health. Could we do it then? There seemed to be a sense in the room that we’d figure it out.

I am still mulling this one over personally.

What is God trying to show you through your greatest limitations?

Ministries or Organizations that have IT are willing to fail

Those without IT tend to play it safe. They say that “failure is not an option.” Craig said that he agrees…it is not an option, rather it is a necessity. Why? Simple. Failure is often the first step into seeing God Only in failure do we KNOW grace. (Consider Peter…walking on water, denying Christ, and in time, he preached and 3000 were saved in one day.)

Craig shared the story here of the donkey fallen in the deep well and the people who could not get it out. so they decided to be merciful and bury it. A shovel full of dirt – the donkey shook it off. Another shovel full and more shaking. And on it went. As the dirt accumulated, the donkey stepped up until he was finally out of the well. His invitation to leaders who face failure and eel like they are being buried alive by it, is to shake it off and step up. Rise again.
Just because you fail at something, does not make you a failure.

What has God called you to do that you are afraid to do? When will you do it?

Ministries or Organizations that have IT are lead by people who have IT

YOU need to have IT in order for your ministry to get IT. This is complicated by the reality that “ministry” can kill ITwhen building the kingdom becomes building the ministry

I tried to be Bill Hybles, but I’m just not Dutch; I tried to be Rick Warren, but I’m accidental; I tried to be Joel Olsteen, but I’m just not that happy.

One thought on “Summit: Craig Groeschel on IT

  1. Jon Petersen says:

    Thanks for this summary. I’m reading Craig Groeschel’s book “It: How Churches and Leaders Can Get It and Keep It.” The illusive “it” is what attracts people and makes ministries effective. Craig says “it” can’t be taught, but “it” can be caught. God gives “it.” “It” has a lot to do with the Holy Spirit. Churches that have “it” are incredibly focused, willing to fail, led by people who have “it,” and those people see potential when others see problems. Craig says “the spark of passion ignites the fuel for innovation.” And he says “it” follows big vision. God makes “it” happen. “It” is from him, by him, and for his glory. You may want to watch brief videos about the book’s message at and

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