Summit: Catherine Rohr

Okay, this 31-year old woman is a rock star. To understand what she founded and leads, you should check out the Prision Entrepreneurship Program website.

This interview was absolutely a highlight in a very well lighted summit. I suspect some of the power came from the energetic enthusiams of Catherine herself. But more than that, this was one of those Summit deals where thousands of us were simultaneiously introduced to a fantastic idea fueled by an extraordinary passion that is demonstrating the core values of the Kingdom of grace and restoration in ways we rarely see so tangibly and clearly. It was, therefore, nearly pure inspiration.

Yeah, I’m smitten. Smitten by creativity and committment and courage. Smitten by our Father who has expressed himself through this woman and those who have joined her in a great adventure.

She is a leader of prayer, but her prayer is a little unconventional: “Bring it on!”

One of the things I saw in her is the POWER of faith that is un-calloused enough to not tell God why following Him in to the fray is impossible. It reminded me of other young leaders who don’t yet know what can’t be done, so they do the impossible because they expect that God is still in that business.

I found this blogger who did a very thorough job of sharing what Rohr shared at the Summit. If you are interested…off you go (click here).

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