Wycliffe Still Needs Teachers

In April I wrote about participating in the commissioning of boxes of promotional materials in my blog. Click here to jump back to that posting if you need context for this update.

(This photo is of Jamie Farr and his family. Jamie gives leadership to the CHED team — recruiting teachers is part of his job.)

This week we recieved a Take 59 email (sent daily by request — it is a prayer request written in such a way that a person can take 59 seconds and pray for specific needs and rejoice at specific ways that God has worked) with an update on this strategy. I share it below without further comment.
Take 59 – 08/18/00: Answer! Mission:Teach Mailings
“The Lord lives! Praise to my Rock! May the God of my salvation be exalted!” (Psalm 18:46, NLT).

On Monday, March 31, Recruitment Ministries in Orlando, Florida mailed boxes of promotional materials to more than 1,000 universities and educational departments across the USA. The materials were intended to help spread the word about Mission:Teach, an internationally recognized recruitment tool that works to connect teachers with overseas service opportunities. Mission:Teach is a partnership formed by the Association of Christian Schools International, Finishers Project, and Wycliffe Bible Translators. The mailing proved to be highly effective. Let’s praise God!

  • Praise God for 47 teachers who, over the last five months, have displayed interest in filling one of Wycliffe’s open positions around the world.
  • Thank Him for more than 290 teachers who have submitted their application to the Mission:Teach website.
  • Ask God to allow more teachers to follow suit, moving in their hearts and giving them a passion to become involved in Wycliffe’s work.

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