The March of the Penguines

Smack dab in the middle of a very busy few weeks, God provided a vacation of sorts. A break. A point of restoration.

If you looked at all that was going on in my life these days — the meetings and workshops and forums and gatherings and seminars — and then saw my to do list and my overflowing INBOX — and then remembered with me the other things that I’m striving to make priority in my living, well, you’d understand why I think it’s really crazy that I took 24 hours off. The answer “should have been” that “I don’t have time.”
My friend Sandy and I planned for her to come over to Orlando for a weekend and we picked this one because it was open for both of us and that’s not an easy thing to find. It appeared to be a wise choice. Then I had some calendar mishaps (long story) and a few things beyond my control invaded my space. Suddenly, on paper, it looked like we’d picked a bad weekend for her to be here. In some ways it wasn’t idea. I did have to “work” more than I would normally consider doing with company in town.
However, truth is — the timing was just right.
On Friday night we went (with two others — Jane and Cindy) to the SAK Comedy Club in Orlando and then on Saturday we went to Sea World. Between those two events (which were just the kinds of things that help me de-stress and refocus and rebalance, I slept like a rock. Ahhhh. And, even with having to work around the edges while Sandy was here, it was fun (and good) to have her around to talk around the edges of the edges.
I love when God does stuff like this.

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