I spent the past two days with Wycliffe’s Recruitment Ministries leaders. While others were hiding from the hurricane/tropical storm/Fay, we gathered in the activity center and worked.


I loved engaging with this group of deeply committed and broadly experienced team — they certainly  made facilitating this training session a joy for me.

I was encouraged that the curriculum we have developed does work. I also took lots of notes about some details that can be tweaked to make it work better in the future. Next week I will solicit input through an electronic survey from all participants that will give me more information that I anticipate will impact the further development of this training.

This “diversity training” is being developed and rolled out to Wycliffe staff as part of a long-term strategy to “build a multi-ethnic workforce and become a biblically inclusive community.” 

It has been a while since I was in this kind of role for more than a short session and it was energizing. Oh, my feet are tired and my voice is a bit weary, but mostly I’m wound up in all the best ways. Funny how different things do that for different people. 

As I was reveling in the goodness of this time, I remembered back to the year or so that Dave Baldwin and I facilitated the Network training at FMC together — and my experience of coming to the realization that I love to “facilitate the ah hah moment” for people. 

In case anyone is wondering…I still do love that. 

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