like pulling teeth

Dad had a tooth ache over the weekend — one that started on Thursday even though I only heard about it on Saturday. It was pretty miserable — a sleep-thieving, flu-symptom inducing nasty tooth ache. 

By Sunday morning it was bad enough to influence a choice to worship online (yes, I love that we have that option) rather than make the drive across town to attend church in a building with hundreds of others. Usually the drive is worth it — but it would not have been yesterday.

Today we went to the dentist who has recently opened just down the street. Good dentist. Good staff at the office too. We left the office about 4 hours after arriving there. Dad had 5 teeth extracted (somehow that sounds more dramatic, but in a grows-up way than saying “pulled”). 
We filled prescriptions (antibiotics and pain meds) and I got him settled at home before heading into the office for a very busy afternoon. This evening he is feeling pretty good (all things considered). He has eaten mashed potatoes and frozen yogurt. He has avoided the pain meds so far.  In a few days he’ll look normal (as in “not swollen”) again. 
In a few weeks, he’ll go get fitted for a partial. I expect he’ll have a mouth full of teeth by his 80th birthday late in October for sure. 
I’m grateful that the dentist who we chose for the sake of convenience turned out to be a really good dentist (from all we can tell). God is good.
(If you live in Orlando and are looking for a dentist, we recommend Dr. Oslund.) 

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