HCS Class of 1988

This is a gathering of members of Heritage Christian School’s Class of 1988 taken this weekend on the school’s campus in Indianapolis. 

When they were juniors, I was their American Literature teacher — it was my first year teaching.  
Thanks to Facebook, I not only knew about the reunion ahead of time, but I could see some of the photos (as posted there by Aileen Lukowiak Mullett) not long after the event. How cool is that?!!
Yeah, so now you want to know how  many faces I recognize …how many names I can remember?  I wish I could say “I recognized all of them, every one, right away.” 
I can’t. 
All the faces looked familiar — and I came up with first names of almost everyone (and last names of more than I expected) before I turned to the yearbook. Once through the grad photos and I had them all identified.  
Over the past year or so I’ve reconnected to a number of former students via Facebook and I’m finding that I have an easier time with last names when a student came from a family from which I had more than one student. Logical, I guess. 
I’m also finding that the women are often easier to recognize because they were more grown up at 18 than the men were. The men who were particularly young at 18 are really hard to recognize now that they are in their 30’s. The women become more difficult to recognize when they have dramatically changed hair — and from the 80’s when hair was really, really big, well, most of them have made some dramatic changes. 
Fun times. 

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