Psalm 50:15

“Trust me in your times of trouble, and I will rescue you, and you will give me glory.”
This is God, the Lord, speaking. This statement is within the context of a rather extraordinary declaration to his people who had been faithful in their religious practices (sacrifice is named) but from whom He wanted more. He essentially says that he’s tired of their bull (and goat).  
What did he want? True thanks. Complete dependence. 
It makes me wonder how often I keep up with religious practices but miss the important stuff of what God really wants of me. How often is He standing by my side when life gets complicated and I’m not sure what to do next but I ignore him?
Yarn is lovely, but doesn’t accomplish much at all on it’s own. It if is ever to fulfill its calling, it must submit itself to the mission of the artist — it must become completely dependent (not on the knitting needles, mind you — they are merely a tool) on the One who transforms yarn into beautiful and practical things. (And, in that the yarn does not get the glory — the one who knits does. And that is right.)
God, you are not so much interested in my rituals and religion — those things, it seems, are for my benefit. You want me. You want me to express my thanks and to BE thankful. You want me to recognize my need for you in all things and to express that too. Help me to know how best to express my love to you, God. What kind of gift do I get the God who created everything?  Sometimes it’s hard to believe that you want…me.

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