2008 INDIANA: Post Vacation Posting #1

I’ve been on vacation. I flew to Indianapolis and spent 6 days wallowing in the goodness of God’s blessing in my life — there really is no better way to describe this past week.

While I was gone (and I know that one is not physically “gone” from blogging so much as disconnected from it — but I was that too), my blog “auto posted” my 47 days until my 47th birthday blog, but I generally ignored Hubbard’s Cupboard.  
I did post photos directly to my Facebook wall from my iPhone (convenient and amusing to me), so some of you have had glimpses of my adventures. Now I’ll bring some of the stories here.  That should keep a few of you coming back for a while because you were IN those adventures with me and you’ll want to be able to give your side of the story, perhaps.
This photo was taken on the rock I claimed as my own which we found on Trail 5 in Spring Mill State Park.  According to Debi, we hiked as slowly as she could imagine going. I thought our pace was fine. (Debi is training for a marathon. I was adjusting to not being in an meeting and tethered to a laptop.)

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