2008 INDIANA: Sarah made me do it…

I admit it. I made Jennifer pull the mini van into the VFW parking lot (and the mini van following us back to the Inn from lunch followed us into the lot) so I could get this photo.  We were supposed to be headed back to complete prep for the retreat — we were on a schedule — but I just had to play with the big gun.

I think I have been inspired by Sarah Palin who, according to Time magazine, is the most macho candidate we’ve had in the presidential race for a couple of decades. (Interesting article, really.)  I’m hoping she’ll see this blog and invite me to a role on her team if she gets the gig in Washington. Won’t she need someone to do PowerPoint for her?
And then there is the fact that Lori Borgman blogged about Supersarah the week before and was, even as I was causing all of this confusion, heading to Spring Mill Inn herself to be our retreat speaker. 
Yeah, I was wound up. 

(Here I am with my retreat roomie Cheryl in shocking aqua tops on either side of Lori.  I’m enjoying calling a syndicated columnist by her first name and I’ll admit it. Besides, she is intelligent and funny, she knows Jesus and unpacked his Word in ways that made my brain and  my heart so very happy. )

> > > > > > > > > >

THANKS to the 13 of you who have posted comments on my 47 Days til my 47th Birthday blog. Now…who will be next?

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