47 CANDLES from Kristy

On September 22 my blog post announced that it was 47 days until my 47th birthday. 

In the blog I requested or suggested a few things so that everyone could be involved in my celebrating — or at least everyone who wants to be involved. (Yes, I’m throwing myself a party in cyberspace. And yes, it has come to this. Really, you shouldn’t be surprised.)
So far 18 people have commented on that blog post — 29 more and we’ll reach my goal of 47. If you’ve not posted yet, there is still time. 
One of the other suggestions involved people finding things that represented or that illustrate the number 47 (a favorite numeral). The first photos arrived today and I have to share them. It is a series of two images. I put the first on at the beginning of this blog and will put the second one at the bottom. THANK you to Kristy for sending these. Kristy blogs on occasion — no simple task for a woman with 5 kids in the house — and I always enjoy her insights and amusements. Lipstick, Bandaids and Wet Wipe Baths
For more detail on the whole “47” extravaganza, read 47 Days to my 47th Birthday for yourself. Come on… everybody’s doing it.  🙂 

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