ARTIST: Hyatt Moore

I find it difficult to describe some things. For those of you who know me, you may be mumbling that this does not usually stop me from trying and you’d be correct — most of the time.
Some things knock the words out of me and leave me speechless (at least until I catch my verbal-breath). 
Some art captures me this way — my mind and emotions and spirit all at once — and when it does, it takes a while before I can “explain” what I have experienced. My response may be immediate, but it rarely comes with words because my mind spins with thoughts which I don’t have good words to express. 
When I first saw this painting by Hyatt Moore (and then only digitally and therefore small) I responded that way. This past week I’ve spent more time than ever on Hyatt’s website looking at his work as I’ve been working on a project for the Last Languages Celebration next month. (More about that project when I can share more details.)  It has been a delicious experience. Not ALL art speaks to me like this, of course. 
I sat with a friend and watched the sun set over the Gulf from the beach on Captive Island once and couldn’t utter a word for quite a while. 
Mozart’s Requiem. Yeah.
The water in a stream dancing over smooth stones.
I can try to predict the things that will silence me in this way, but usually there is an element of surprise in it all. Not shock…but surprise. Like a dear friend’s surprise visit or phone call that is “just because” or a hand-scrawled note expressing genuine affection that wasn’t prompted by a holiday or other event, there is something in the unexpectedness of it that makes it more delightful. 
When my life gets too filled up with stuff, I don’t have room around the edges for these things to appear that fill me up with other than stuff — and that is not a good thing. 
Like that…

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