Global _________ Crisis

While in Asia this past Spring I was reminded the view of the world from the U.S. is very different than the view of the world from about anywhere else in the world. Now, I’m not a news junkie, so the fact that I miss some current events is not totally uncommon — but I generally am aware of the big stuff (measured in breadth of impact or duration). 
So, watching the news (BBC World mostly) from one hotel television or another in the Philippines, I was introduced to the Global Food Crisis.  Did you know that there is a Global Food Crisis?
I am very aware of the Global Financial Crisis — knew about it almost before it was yet declared a crisis. 
A blogger (known to me as “R”) whose writing I enjoy commented on this very thing recently. She referenced an editorial cartoon that I’ve seen pop up in a few blogs this past week — one that is poking a bit of fun at the ignorance of the wealthy.  (This cartoon appeared in The Daily Nation — a Kenyan news outlet.)
This is just one more reminder that my perspective is so very limited. I must remember that.

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