I’m not a big fan of this holiday — certainly not a fan of the way it has become second only to Christmas in consumer spending! That is ridiculous. And while I could get into a discussion of the reasons that followers of Christ should not celebrate this day v. why it is okay to let your kids go out and get free candy, that’s not my intent.  

Here is what I think about when halloween comes around — when I was a kid, I loved this holiday. It was not about the candy (though I did like that part) or the parties so much as the COSTUMES!!
I love costumes. I don’t remember ever purchasing a costume (pieces, such as wigs and hats, yes) — mom either made them or we created them from things we had in the house already.
Ahhhhh….the good old days. 🙂
And for those who don’t know — I still love costumes. Here is one I created a few years ago for a party (New Years Eve, actually) and then used again for a halloween gathering a couple years later. It was a lot of fun to make. 

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