XL7, FOUR eXampLe

Almost 47 days ago, I invited people to join me on a journey. That journey is about to end. Tomorrow I will be happily handing out 47 cupcakes that I will have baked and decorated myself. I will be turning 47 years old (same age as our president elect).

If I were giving out fabulous prizes for “47” images, I might have categories like “Most Inspirational 47” and “Most Contrived 47” and “47 Which Traveled the Greatest Distance to Be Here” and others. There would be winners in every category.

Lisa found some interesting and quirky 47’s including this image of Globular Cluster 47 Tucanae — a bunch of stars known to some affectionately as 47 Tuc.

I already posted the two-image set that Kristy sent that I’m calling “Flaming 47 – Before” and “Flaming 47 – Burning.”
Sandy sent a set of images she collected in Thailand and I posted some of those previously. I’ll repeat one of those because it is one of my favorites (not that I don’t love all 47’s). Really, I just like tuk tuks and have made
interesting connections with them this year, including one we found (well, a tricycle, actually — they are called different things and have variations in different countries) on Palawan.

My friend Nadine CLARK made me a birthday card I like a lot — for more than one reason. (And this, of course, got to me thinking about the business of greeting cards and how we don’t make cards as much as we used to. Then I thought about all the people I know who actually DO make things like greeting cards. But, I digress.)
This last image is one of the ones that Charlene sent – giving credit for spotting this one to Mark. If you were not introduced to Roman numerals at some point in your education, this one will elude you. That may be why I like it so much – it is the dryness of the humor, perhaps. When they had time to go looking for 47’s in the midst of their last weeks before moving to Ukraine is beyond me and just like them.

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