iTunes: Recommendations?

In celebration of a recent milestone event in my life which I blogged about incessantly (Look at my self control to not say THE NUMBER here and to not link you back to half a dozen blogs from September, October and November!), I received some iTunes credit. 

I have some music (and a couple iPhone apps) in  mind, but know that I’ve been rather out of the loop musically and am wondering if anyone would recommend anything. 
Share ONE SONG with me that you’ve loved in the past year. Please. (Thank you.)  
I’m going to make a PLAYLIST based on recommendations from this blog. (Could be a short list.)   I may already own some of the tunes you recommend and will purchase others. 
I’m listening….(or I will be, soon).

8 thoughts on “iTunes: Recommendations?

  1. Journeyman says:

    Just one song… not possible I’m afraid.

    You should have the following.
    Hallelujah – Jeff Buckley
    London Still – the Waifs
    Underneath the Stars – Kate Rusby
    The Only Living Boy in New York – Everything But the Girl
    Bridal Train – the Waifs
    One Voice – the Walin’ Jenny’s
    Come to Jesus – Mindy Smith
    An Easy One – Hem

    There’s more, but maybe later

  2. Amy says:

    I have way too many favorites, but here are some of my top picks:
    “The Show” – Lenka
    “By Your Side” – Tenth Avenue North
    “When the Saints” – Sara Groves

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