Nativity #1 – from Peru

This hand painted ceramic nativity was made in Peru. It sits in front of the window in my bedroom — one of two nativity sets in this space. (I will show you the other one in a future blog.)

My bedroom and home office is decorated in a style that combines modern lines and smooth finishes with my favorite elements (stone, glass, wood) and plants. Add to that a “collection” of stuff with a story, and you have an idea of the room. It may not be an accurate idea, however, unless you’ve seen it.
I purchased this set from a a self-help craft store in Indianapolis run by the Mennonite church. That was one of my favorite places to shop for myself and for gifts for many years. 
Oh, and the Bible on the table is the NLT “illustrated” by Timothy Bott’s calligraphy.

2 thoughts on “Nativity #1 – from Peru

  1. deb k. says:

    okay…not to distract from your nativity sets, but as I was reading your blog the thought just came into my mind to wonder if you had 47 nativity sets?? Sorry…just couldn’t help it…

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