Nativity #2: Happy 40th Birthday

A few weeks before my 40th birthday (my first birthday after Mom’s passing and my last birthday before moving to Florida with Wycliffe), I was headed over to Mark & Charlene’s house on River Heights Drive for a home meeting with potential ministry partners. I’d been recently appointed to serve with Wycliffe as a designer and was building a team of people who were called to be a part of my team (praying, sharing resources, encouraging, etc.) as we serve the Bibleless people of the world through Wycliffe USA.  It was Missions Conference time at Faith Church and I was not at all suspicious that things might not be what they appeared.

I soon found out that I’d been tricked. (And honestly, I can’t believe I had NO idea…I usually do somehow get wind of things. My Meyers-Briggs high “I” rarely misses these kinds of things.) I was going out to dinner at the Palomino downtown Indy with Charlene (who just moved to Kiev, Ukraine), Terri (who has since moved to Lexington, MA) and Suzie (who drove from Iowa City, IA where she lived at the time, but who now lives back in Indianapolis) to celebrate my birthday. 
As if that wasn’t gift enough, they gave me this nativity. 
Most of my nativity sets move from place to place each year. This one has a “permanent” home on my bedroom dresser. I see it every day. The light from the window hits it perfectly by day and the lighting in the room is perfect at night. 

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