Nativity #4: Precious Moments and other "chains"

I do have a few sets that fit into the category that I’ll call “chain” figurines. That is, they are the nativity figures from a long line of figurines. 

(Hopping onto a small soapbox.) 
These “collectables” are primarily marketed to a culture that generally has too much stuff.  Please don’t think that I have any desire to cast judgement on anyone in particular – that would be so inappropriate considering the log in my own eye (ref. to Jesus as recorded in Matthew’s Gospel). I just think that these kinds of things have become an easy option around gift-giving time.  Let’s just own the fact that we have everything we need and – yes, even in a time of economic challenge – we can purchase many of the things we want. If you have “everything you need” and I want or feel obligated to give you a gift of some sort, I may be relieved to know that you collect something. I have been on both the giving and receiving end of these gifts. Lately, though, I’ve leaned away from such things. That does not mean that I purged my house of all collectables, as you are seeing with these photos. Neither does it mean that I think a person is inferior if they have a collection or two. I’m not sure what I mean entirely. 

(Hopping down from the soapbox.)

The first of these is my Precious Moments nativity. It is very small — made of pewter and then painted. These figures are each about 1.5 inches tall. 

This second one is made by Hummel. My mom collected Hummels when I was young. I’m not sure  how much she liked them and how much she grew to like them because it was a thing that two of my dad’s sisters collected (sort of). I now have a box of Hummels that I’d like to liquidate, but this is not an economy for selling figurines. My fondness for these is mostly generated by the way that they remind me of my Mom. When I was learning to help around the house by dusting, she taught how to treat these with appropriate care. I love that she didn’t forbid me from touching these items but rather taught me how to be gentle.  This nativity by Hummel does not look much at all like the Hummel figurines, so that always confused me. 

The third is by Nao. He was the brother of Lladro who makes the more intricate, more expensive figurines by his name. Mom had a few of the Lladro — but not the nativity set. It was outrageously expensive (and lovely).   
These are all sets that I have grown to like, primarily for nostalgic reasons I think. Christmas is a time for a bit of that, don’t you think? 

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