Nativity #5: "Ding Dong" Avon Calling

Some of you will recognize this as the nativity set that Avon sold a couple of decades ago. If you want one of these, I see that all of these pieces are available on ebay. Just a thought.

The one piece missing from this photo is the angel that is supposed to sit on the roof of the stable. I had it. May still have it somewhere waiting to be repaired. Hmmmm. Might have to look for that.

My mom used to purchase Avon with some regularity. When the Avon lady would come to the house, I always wanted to be in the room. I loved the idea of the Avon lady. In fact, I used to play Avon lady — Mom would be the mom/customer and I would fill her train case with Avon from her dresser and the bathroom cupboard and would come to the door to sell it to her. One Avon lady we had gave me an order book with the carbon paper in it so I could be more official.

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