Nativity #8: Palm Trees

This nativity was a gift from a friend – Christmas 2003. During the years Aileen lived in Orlando, she often joined me for part of the decorating ritual — hanging ornaments on the tree and rummaging through boxes of this and that. I love that I not only have some sweet memories of Christmas seasons with her, but I have this nativity from her to spark that memory now that she has moved. 

I wish my point-and-shoot had the capacity to photograph this in it’s preferred light — with the two candles lit behind. The stark light of the flash does not do it justice. 

One of the things that will catch my attention with a nativity is when it’s not the same as the hundreds you’ve seen before. (You know…a set of figurines where Jesus is in a manger, Joseph looks concerned, Mary looks mushy, two or three shepherds are scruffy – one kneels and one carries a sheep, three wise men look strangely like they planned their outfits and one of them also kneels; a cow, a camel, a sheep, a donkey. Each is a separate figure and they stand in a certain order all looking adoringly at Jesus.)
This one is made out of flat metal, cut and molded and shaped and then painted. Except for the faces/hands and Jesus. I’m glad there are palm trees in this one, too. It looks more like it belongs in Florida (a strange place to Christmas for one, like me, who lived for decades it the north where snow is a staple)

One thought on “Nativity #8: Palm Trees

  1. Amy says:

    This is my favorite one so far that you’ve shown. It’s so pretty in the picture, I can only imagine what it is like in reality. I like nativities that don’t look so generic, as well. Plus I like that this one is just Mary and Joseph. While the other characters in the story are important as well, I like to think about the times when it was just the family unit, enjoying each other.

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