Goofing Off

Vanessa arrived Monday evening. She’s been traveling for over a week — visiting family and friends in Indiana, Michigan, Mississippi, etc. This was her last stop before heading back to Pittsburgh (today — she is traveling as I write) and a last semester of classwork that begins Monday.

What did we do?
Goofed off.

We sat on the patio and read. We sat in the house (often in PJ’s) and watched movies. We played Blokus and Sequence. We baked and cooked and ate.
When Vanessa arrived, she introduced me to her travel gnome, Spa Lady Duck (a little rubber duck that is wearing a pink robe and has a pink towel wrapped around her head). As we did all the things we did (or didn’t do), we took photos of Miss Duck to keep record of our time.

I’ll refrain from listing all the movies we watched — but they ranged from Roman Holiday to Emma. And then there was a little televission (thanks to a DVD, we did that on our own terms) — Diners, Drive Ins and Dives for one.
Yesterday we had our most active day — we did “free” Disney (or what some call Missionary Disney). We parked at Downtown Disney and proceeded to wander through the space (resorts, free shopping areas, etc.) using free transportation. We spent a few hours looking at beautiful things, riding on boats and monirails and even busses, and taking pictures of Spa Lady Duck. The weather was perfect for this kind of goofing off.

Great days. Very relaxing. What a fantastic way to end one year and start the next!

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