When Vanessa was here she had a new game with her called Blokus. I liked it quite a lot. It is an interesting mix of a non-animated Tetris and that old Dots game we used to play on the bulletin in church sometimes. Sort of. 

After Vanessa left and took her game with her, I decided to at least find out where I could purchase one of these games for myself if the need arises and, with Google, that was a breeze. I not only found many sources, but also a number of options of versions AND I found where I can play for FREE on line. 
Great, one more way to fritter away my days and nights. 🙂  (Like most games that catch my fancy, I have to give myself rules about when and how often and for how long I can play. I even have consequences for myself if I overstep the boundaries I set. I need discipline.)

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