They’re off!

Heather (on the left) and her husband Jeff arrived in Nairobi (their new “home”) about a week ago. Aileen (on the right) leaves tomorrow for Manila (her new “home”).  I worked with both of these women in Communications for about five years. As I was transitioning into my latest role, they were both transitioning out of their jobs and into a process Wycliffe calls “Partnership Development” as they became part of our supported staff. 
I’ve gotten used to not having them in Orlando as they’ve been gone from here for a good while already. In fact, the plan was for both of them to be in their new roles long before now — that is, “our” plan was for that. God had other plans. Both of them delayed departure for their overseas assignments in order to serve their families as Heather’s dad and Aileen’s mom faced some pretty dramatic health challenges.  
January 2009 is a time to celebrate God’s faithfulness in both of their lives! 

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