Filbert Goes to the SLT Meeting

Once a month (usually on the 2nd Tuesday of the month) Wycliffe USA’s Senior Leadership Team (SLT) meets. Bob Creson (our President) refers to this group as the guiding coalition for Wycliffe USA. Essentially, the “buck stops here.”

A regular meetings includes a time in the Word and in prayer together, updates (on the month past and the next things — could be anything from a report on the Board meeting we just held to a reminder of events ahead, from celebrations of goals met to discussions about how we need to rethink goals in the future) and strategic planning. 
Because we each prepare monthly reports and share those ahead of time, we don’t have to spend endless hours in the details. 
Anyhow, Filbert road along in my computer bag this week and thought it was a very interesting discussion. His favorite part, predictably, was the break snack which included cheese cubes.

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