John Rutter: Requiem & Magnificat

Things that happen around the edges are sometimes most delicious. Take yesterday, for example. When I did my morning “status update check” on Facebook to see what people are saying about themselves, I noted Catherine’s reference to the “requiem.”  I commented on her update that I am particularly fond of Mozart’s and she responded at some time later that she was specifically enjoying John Rutter’s work and I should check it out on YouTube.

John Rutter. I was introduced to his work while studying at Bethel University where I sang in the Women’s Choir under the direction of Mary Fall. I’m quite sure we did some of Rutter’s Christmas music at the annual festival of Christmas. It was then and there that I grew to appreciate (through understanding and experience) and then love choral music. 
With this reminder from Catherine I did what I had to do. (Okay, that may be slightly exaggerated, but only slightly.) I logged onto my account on iTunes where I had almost enough remaining on account from Christmas gifts to purchase one album. I search, I sampled, I selected. Type in password for confirmation of purchase and the downloading began. In a few minutes, I was listening to this wonderful work which has since been loaded onto my Nano for the flight this morning. (Fortunately for everyone on the plane who will be sitting near me, I don’t yet know this work well enough to sing along. I really should travel with warning labels.)

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