Filbert Visits the Klotz Home

A couple of weeks ago Filbert traveled with me to Indianapolis for the weekend. A few photos with him in them appeared on Facebook in the days that followed.

Today he asked me if I would post these. He has such fond memories of the evening we spent at the Klotz home.  I think that there are two things he really liked: very cool kids and yummy food.
He is crazy about chocolate chip cookies. And ice cream. And spaghetti. And spicy pork chops — he’s never had those before, but he thought they were grand.

But he told me later that he would have had a fantastic time even if the only food offered was dry toast and tap water — and for a mouse who likes to each as much as Filbert does, that’s saying something.
He liked it when Libby shared her mint chocolate chip ice cream — and how she giggled at his antics.
He liked it when Drew came down with those hilarious glasses on and cracked up all the grow-ups. 
Emily helped him try the glasses out himself while Drew got the camera out. (Filbert loves photo ops — as if you couldn’t tell.)

Filbert is a little upset with me because I didn’t get a photo of Drew in the glasses — he loved that so much — and hopes that maybe Drew will let his mom post a photo of him in the glasses on her Facebook page so Filbert can laugh again.
He also loved singing Angels From the Realms of Glory with the whole family (good song choice, Libby) and then praying before we headed home and the kids headed to bed. 

3 thoughts on “Filbert Visits the Klotz Home

  1. Deb K. says:

    Thanks for the great memories, Ruth…it was a fun night! Filbert, we miss you! The kids have lots of stuffed animals, but they all have a special place in their hearts for you!! (We’re working on a picture of Drew…)

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