Flower Power

My grandma shot hours of home movies with her 8mm camera. As kids, my cousins and I enjoyed seeing the old reels of when we were younger. In fact, after VHS became popular, we all pitched in to have her home movies transfered to video tape. While much of that archive of movies is of adorable children and their parents, my grandma had one other passion: gardening. 

I never understood why she took so many pictures of her flowers. I thought it was kind of a silly thing to do with film and saw it as part of grandma’s quirky personality.
That was before. Before I became enamored by the goodness of growing things — especially beautiful things. Now I understand completely.  
Last week, the resort where I stayed in Thailand had a most spectacular garden. I often found myself wandering through the plantings in the early morning before breakfast. Some days I had my camera with me and, well, I couldn’t ignore the opportunity to record the beauty of those blooms. 
Aren’t you glad I didn’t?

3 thoughts on “Flower Power

  1. Rachel says:

    My grandpa was the same way, and we always wondered why home videos turned into plant-life videos. Now, my mom has become the same way. Oh the things I have to look forward to! =)

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