Filbert in Thailand – Take Two

As I said in Flower Power, Filbert joined me on at least one of my garden ventures. One of the things that we both enjoyed was the fact that the flowers and plants they had in this garden will all grow in our yard at home — and may of them have been a part of our backyard attempts at something grand. 

In the background of this second picture you can see two things that caught my attention every day in Thailand. First, the woman in the road with her broom-rake (not sure what they are called, but these tools reminded me of a combo broom and rake — they are made out of sticks and worked with great efficiency). I saw her every day as she kept the grounds clean and beautiful. One of the reasons that the property at the resort was so lovely is because of this woman’s hard work. The second thing high on the hill is the set of small shrines. Early in the morning I’d often see someone placing an offering there (incense, flowers, foods) as a gift to Buddha. (About 95% of the population in Thailand is Buddhist.)
One of the trees on the resort property had these spectacular pink and golden flowers on it. Filbert insisted on climbing up into the tree for a better look and then I thought it would make a good photo. I sure would like to plant one of these in my back yard here in Orlando. 

Of course, while we are dreaming of flowering trees to plant, I’d also like one of the trees that produces these purple and white flowers. I have a few If you look at the first photo, this tree is on the right side and fairly tall. When the blooms fall from the tree they are still in great shape. I placed this one on the stone, but there were others that had landed there or on the ground nearby. They often land face down, however. 

One thought on “Filbert in Thailand – Take Two

  1. Chris Winkler says:

    Does Filbert seem to mind being exploited like this? As you once told us, Judah will become our travel gnome and he certainly has…and he’s a great sport about it and doesn’t seem to mind. 🙂

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