Filbert Forages for Food

Filbert is a well-fed critter, but his nature is to forage and to store food for later (“just in case”) so he has a challenge balancing his nature with what is appropriate when food is served buffet or banquet style. This is how all meals were for our week in Thailand. I believe we successfully navigated the week without bringing any food into the room as a “stash” — Filbert is to be commended for that. 

For each meal we were served at least one entree that was Asian and one that was more Western. There was almost always a platter of fresh fruit (and most of the time it was one fruit per meal — one of the most common being pineapple). There was rice available for lunch and dinner every day.
One of the things we both loved about meal time was the opportunity to meet new friends, each one with great stories to tell. On this particular morning at breakfast we were at a table with people who call the US, the UK, and Australia “home.”


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