NBC’s Kings – A Fascinating Tale

I’m not sure what it is about the show that has captured my attention, but it has. I am proof (anecdotal proof at least) that the plan worked. NBC made the series premier of this new show available on iTunes as a FREE download and I nabbed it figuring that it might be a good diversion on a long flight. I watched it in parts on my flights back and forth to Asheville this past week.

Yesterday I was looking to see if I could set the DVR to record new episodes and discovered that there are no new episodes to record. Then I found that episodes 2-5 were available on Prime Time On Demand (also FREE) or on the NBC website so I could catch up on what I’d missed. 
New episodes will be available in June.
This is what they’d hoped — that those of us who’d like the show who’d also resist watching the first broadcasts (for whatever reasons) would watch the first one on our iPhones because FREE is hard to resist. And, once we’d see it, we would get hooked.
So, not only have I become a cautious but enthusiastic fan of this interesting story, I am a fan of their plan to beat the odds in a time when there are so many options competing for share of mind that traditional series premiers are very easily missed.
Pictured: (l-r) Sebastian Stan as Jack Benjamin, Allison Miller as Michelle Benjamin, Susanna Thompson as Queen Rose Benjamin, Ian McShane as King Silas Benjamin, Chris Egan as David Shepherd — NBC Photo: Andrew Eccles

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