Filbert & Ruth in Brazil

I traveled to Brasilia, Brazil for as the representative of Wycliffe USA at the Americas Area Leaders Meetings. This year the focus was on mobilizing the church into the Bible translation movements. We arrived on Monday afternoon and had meetings beginning Monday night and continuing through Thursday night. We flew home on Friday evening and overnight, arriving in Orlando on Saturday. That gave me a bit of time on Friday to drink coffee and sit by the pool.

Our meeting room was on the top floor of the hotel where we stayed. At the hottest time of the day, the fact that the room had windows on three sides was less appealing that all the rest of the day and evening when it was glorious. The temps in Brasilia are moderate year round. In May, as the dry season is just beginning, it is just about perfect — sunny and dry enough (but not yet uncomfortably so) and “just right.”

At break time, it was nice to grab some coffee and a snack and then head out onto the patio on the rooftop. You can see that Filbert and I liked to “catch rays.” We were also likley catching some breeze, too. And look at that sky. It really was that color!

One of the things that is my reality at meetings that are conducted primarily in Spanish and Portugese is that I spend a good bit of the time wearing an earbud and listening to English translation of the presenters. I’m so grateful for the technology and the people who are multilingual and willing to serve in this way.

At first, Filbert thought these were radios and we were all listening to music or baseball/soccer games. He was slightly disappointed when he found out it was all business.

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