JESUS Film Ministry in Nicaragua

A friend who works with JESUS Film just sent this story in an email.

On the evening of May 4, 2009, Chema Lopez, a JESUS film team leader, sat with his young daughter outside their home. A young man approached Chema and told him this story:

“My name is Gabriel Antonio Madrigal, I am the oldest of four brothers. I came from a very poor family; my father was a heavy drinker, and he always treated my mom very badly. … it was very hard, very sad, very painful. Seven years ago you [Chema] were in my school on the 4th of September, 2002, and you brought a movie called ‘Jesus for Children.’ That was the day I prayed and gave my life to Jesus. I was in the 5th grade. I arrived at home and told my parents about the movie I had seen, and I remember as well the gift you gave me of a little book … and I also presented that to my parents.

“My father did not change, but one month later in the morning, my father was in the living room reading this little book and crying. That was the day my father gave his life to Jesus. … My father became more responsible—he didn’t return to his drink, nor did he return to mistreating my mother. He conversed with us, gave us counsel. … I give thanks because I was the first in my family to give my life to the Lord, and through a movie and my word, my testimony and a little book [the whole family believes].”

Praise God for the fruit of His work!

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