Filbert Hosts Ukrainian Party

Today Filbert hosted a little party so he could share some of his favorite snacks from Ukraine with his friends in the Offices of the President in Wycliffe’s USA headquarters.

He served a unique beverage as well as both sweet and savory treats. Now, I will quickly admit that his favorites are not exaclty MY favorites — but all of the things he shared were fun to try and (thankfully) easy to bring home in a suitcase.

I’ve posted all of the photos from the party in a Facebook album which you can view by following this LINK. Besides photos, you can read captions about the snacks and the party participants as well as the decorations.

2 thoughts on “Filbert Hosts Ukrainian Party

  1. Ruth Hubbard says:

    We did have fun, Lisa. It's pretty easy to have fun at work when the people you work with are fun.

    And thanks. I found a new source of free blogger templates and I like this one. I'm not 100% sold because there are features that I miss from the regular blogger templates – but I do like the way it looks.

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