Like Father, Like Son

Sons (and daughters) are often reflections of their fathers. When they share DNA, there are biological reasons for the resemblance. But the similarities often go much deeper — especially when the father and the son spend time together.

God created us to learn by observation and by mimicking those around us. It is how we learn to talk and walk and what to put on our ice cream.

There are few things that are more inspirational and encouraging than seeing a good dad investing himself intentionally in the life of his son (or daughter). It’s not about fatherhood perfection — perfection is overrated in every state.

It is about paying attention. It is about including and engaging. It is about living life in relationship, knowing that there isn’t anything with a greater power to influence than that.



I snagged this photo off of Facebook. The dad in the picture is Ryan (one of my former students) with his son and a diverse collection of critters. And a blanket, don’t miss that.

When I saw it, I was immediately reminded of how thankful I am for not only my own dad, but good dads everywhere, including those who extend their influence to kids who are not technically their own but who need the impact of a healthy relationship with a healthy man.

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