New Art by Michael Harrar

Michael and his wife have served in the Bible translation movement for many years and in a variety of roles. Through it all, Michael has used his skills as an artist/illustrator to bring glory to God and honor to many peoples whom God loves.

For the past almost two years Michael has served as Wycliffe USA’s Artist-in-Residence. This slightly ambiguous role has allowed Michael to produce art, to teach art, to promote art, and to develop curriculum to serve strategies owned by a number of Wycliffe’s primary and secondary partners in the States and around the world. 

This is the first in a series of three works that I commissioned for our second floor elevator lobby. Each one will feature one of three areas of the world where there is great need for language development and Bible translation. 
When Michael brought this by my office a few days ago, couldn’t take my eyes off of it. It is way more beautiful in person than in this photo. I look forward to having it hanging in the office very soon.

2 thoughts on “New Art by Michael Harrar

  1. Ruth Hubbard says:

    Oh good, he's already got it up!! I forgot to check before I left of the long weekend. I must have been distracted.

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