Joel Hodgson on SNL (1983)

Joel Hodgson was an RA (resident assistant) in Edgren Dorm when I was a freshman resident in Bodien Dorm next door. He did his stand-up routine at our freshman Welcome Week, so we all knew he was funny before the real fun began.
At Bethel, there was a tradition called roommate roulette. The dorm floor would plan an activity and then everyone would get a date for his or her roommate. These were a great way to meet people and have a whole lot of fun. I’m not sure I ever turned down a roommate roulette invitation unless I actually had other plans — but I do know that my favorite ones were the ones hosted by Joel’s floor.
Anyhow, as a sophomore I had a class with Joel over our January interim and got to know him a little more. Basically, the guy was dead pan dry all the time and I found it very amusing. I was not the only one – obviously.
He made this appearance on SNL when I was a junior. I was an RA in Edgren that year and can bear witness to the fact that it was standing room only in the TV lounge that Saturday night. We were proud.
Joel went on to create Mystery Science Theater.
Anyhow, when I ran across this on YouTube I just had to share it.

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