Yes, I’ve seen the new Harry Potter movie…

I’ve seen it and I like it. As with each of the movies, the book was better. Most of the time books are better because they have more time to tell the story that is within them.

What do I like about these stories? I like that nothing good is accomplished outside of interdependent relationship. I like that the characters are called to look beyond themselves to a long view as they make decisions. I like that the value of people is not measured by a single set of criteria.
I’m aware of the complex controversial nature of these works of fiction. I’ve read the suggestions (declarations is a better word) that this is part of a deep and dark plot to brainwash a generation to be willing to take on the mark of the beast and to pursue witchcraft themselves. I also remember hearing people say that these books would single handedly transform an increasingly post-literate generation into readers.
I fully support the decisions of parents to monitor what their kids read and these are stories that shouldn’t be read by some kids — or at some ages. I’m not going to draw a line — mostly those lines don’t work all that well. I will say that I think that these stories bring up all sorts of topics that could generate great conversations and if you’re letting your kids read these or see the movies, you’d best reading and viewing too. Don’t miss the opportunity.

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